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The soul that prospers is a more powerful engine than any of the “money rules” the world may try to impose on you. — Stephen K. De Silva

About The Financial Sozo® Network

By working with a Certified Financial Sozo® Facilitator, you can discover your underlying motivators and create a sustainable plan for wealth that works for you.

Certified Financial Sozo® facilitators must be part of the Financial Sozo® Network for ongoing accountability, mentoring, and skill development. Their membership renews annually. All facilitators have been trained in Basic Sozo and may also serve in the International Sozo ministry.

The team can be recognized by their badges and being on this website.

Certified Financial Sozo Member Financial Sozo Core Team

Financial Sozo® operates around the world

Our team is passionate to see the body of Christ walk in financial breakthrough and wield the power of money for advancing the Kingdom of God. We have facilitators around the world who can meet with you in person in your language or over a video call.

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