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I served in the Sozo ministry at my church for over two and a half years when I felt a push to pursue the Financial Sozo program for myself personally and our church. This occurred after a study of the book, Prosperous Soul, which confirmed that I could personally benefit from having a Financial Sozo and would like to share this empowering tool with others. It all fell into place since my first career was as a CPA and one of the services I provided was a debt consolidation and budgeting program for US Air Force service members and their families. I enjoy all kinds of music, reading non-fiction/informational material, creative cooking, new but safe adventures and as an eternal student, I'm always learning something and sharing it with others.

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  • Divine Health Choices wellness business
  • Read | Write | Spell Well Tutoring - Science of Reading-based Literacy Tutor
  • Financial Sozo® Sessions
  • #AgeWellth Patch Me Up
Bonita Shelby

Break Off a Sense of Unworthiness

"My Financial Sozo prayer session was fruitful in that I received ministry from the Lord regarding a mindset of lack. I was able to break off a sense of unworthiness that impacted my performance and mindset at work and opened the door to possibility and dreaming big for Jesus." — Anonymous in Northern Virginia

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