Magda Le Roux

Western Cape Province, South Africa

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Magda is currently the Bethel Sozo sub-facilitator for the Western Cape Province, South Africa. She holds a BSc in Computer Science with focus on Business Analysis and Design. She retired from a successful career specializing in business design of financial systems to become an entrepreneur and started her own business to escape the modern rat race. Magda's heart's desire is to set the captives free by equipping people to walk in freedom both spiritually and financially. In partnership with the Holy Spirit she facilitates their connection to God, to hearing from Him and healing unhealthy roots, and incorrect beliefs related to money and identity.

Magda's greatest passion to leave a legacy of financial freedom.

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Magda does a lot more ...

  • Sozo team Leader Journey of Grace
  • Sozo Area Facilitator for Western Cape, South Africa
Magda Le Roux

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