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Auckland, New Zealand

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Glen was first mentored in finances by his father who was a chief financial officer and risk manager at a medium sized company in Toronto. With an honours B.A. degree in economics from the University of Toronto, Glen found his way into teaching Economics and Business Studies for 20 years and mentored dozens of young entrepreneurs along the way. Glen now earns his living mainly as a property investor and currency trader.


He applies a gentle, fatherly approach, listening intently with the Holy Spirit in all his Financial Sozo sessions. A recent client remarked: "...a brilliant job at working with the Holy Spirit to bring to the surface my underlying fear around money. It took a bit of digging but he got to the bottom of it. I am so thrilled!"

Besides Financial Sozo, Glen offers sessions for individual Sozo. He is trained in a variety of other inner healing models and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy which has led him to develop a unique type of therapy called SoulCarePrayer. Providing a variety of Bethel Sozo inner healing and spiritual coaching via internet-based or sessions at his office in Auckland, New Zealand.

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