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Kyle began attending Bethel Atlanta in 2012 when he moved to Atlanta from Murfreesboro, TN. Bethel Atlanta has been home ever since. Kyle has been blessed to meet his wife, Celeste, through a Bethel Atlanta small group and participated in BASSM from 2013-17. The Wishings had their first baby, Nayara Jubilee, in September 2019. Kyle loves tennis, sports, and playing the guitar.

Kyle serves on the Bethel Health financial team and provides Financial Sozo ministry. It's such a pleasure to communicate with God about practical things like finances. When God is speaking into our finances, nothing is off-limits. Kyle's passion is for people to be released into the things that God is calling them to–it is a combination of freedom and responsibility.

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Kyle Wishing is a powerful minister full of the Holy Spirit! His patience and passion are a great asset. He's full of love but also really understands money in practice. You'll be glad you choose to work with him! — JM (USA)