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The following programs will build on your Financial Sozo® and help you build systems and habits for long-term sustainable success. If you want to participate or have questions about any of the programs, please contact Stephen K. De Silva Ministries.

Purpose Train

Build Your Purpose Train™

Learn to make difficult decisions well. Hear what God says about who you are and why you are alive. From there, define where you want to go, how you will get there, and which problems to pay attention and solve. This process is the key to making a perfect decision.

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Prosperous Soul

Prosperous Soul™ Journey Package

This unique program creates a half-year path to change and growth. If you appreciate the single session approach, imagine the leverage of mentoring with Stephen over the coming six months. Reward yourself with 12 semi-weekly sessions including copies of Stephen's notes, video recordings for reference (optional), session assignments, and practical and spiritual guidance. Now is the time to grow deep in your prosperous soul journey (3 John 1:2).

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Personal and business money coaching

Financial Coaching

Discover what is most important to you and what success truly means. This journey helps you understand the flow of money, aim it at what really matters , build a strategy that is unique to you, learn how to use basic money tools, and gain confidence with your money decisions.

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