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Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

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Дипломированый специалист с правом ведения профессиональной деятельности по направлению

психология зависимого поведения.

Фасилитатор. Менеджер.

Я живу в Израиле и в Казахстане.

Мне нравится раскрывать для себя новые страны, культуры и конечно людей. Каждый человек уникален, потому что сотворен Богом Отцом. Моё желание и стремление чтобы Божья идентичности была раскрыта для человека. Как мы можем узнать мир вокруг себя,

видеть там творение Божье.

Так и человек обретает подлинную сущность в отношениях с Богом.

Я увлекаюсь рисованием, написанием статей, путешествиями и кулинарией.

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Вайсман Анна

  • Помощник пастора
  • по душепопечению. Консультант
  • Представитель Bethel SOZO в Израиле, Казахстане, Киргизии и Узбекистане. Сертифицированный тренер basic SOZO
  • Certified specialist with the right to conduct professional activities in the direction of psychology of addictive behavior
  • Facilitator. Manager.
Вайсман Анна

I live both in Israel and in Kazahstan. I like to get know new countries, new cultures and, of course, new people.

Every person is unique because he is made by God the Father. My desire and pursuit is for identity to be found by every person.

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Contact Anna Vaisman (Telegram / Whatsapp / Viber) 87779922791

Anna does a lot more ...

  • Assistant pastor (Pastoral Care) Consultant
  • Basic SOZO certified trainer
  • Representative of Bethel SOZO in Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
  • Certified specialist with the right to conduct professional activities in the direction of psychology of addictive behavior
  • Facilitator. Manager.
Anna Vaisman

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Certified Financial Sozo Member

Received So Much Freedom!!!

I have gone through Financial SOZO and have received so much freedom from the Lord: - God has dealt with my childhood fears, anxiety and false responsibility which unbeknown to myself I had taken upon myself in the area I'd finances because of my family. God has given me strength to forgive my parents for speaking negative words to me. for the neglect and insecurity. God has shown which false beliefs I have acquired and how they have been hindering me to develop my career and business. The Lord has given His truth and His perception of the calling in work, the scale and revealed that work could bring joy. God has given me answers to the questions that had been tormenting me, questions about new business, whether I should go into it, why there was not movement in it, what were the hinderances etc. He has given me specific practical steps how to get things moving, and He has taken anxiety and fear of failure and risk away. God has supernaturally shown a sign-board for the future enterprise, and has given the slogan. God has shown so much love and care for me, that there are no things or areas that would be too small or insignificant for Him, where He would not be willing to be involved. Thank you for the session and the abundance of the Spirit of God during it. It was a special time of intimacy with the Creator, unforgettable, uplifting, causing one to get going in business and to feel oneself loved and accepted daughter of the Heavenly Father. — (Isarael)

Taken Care Of During Bankruptcy!!!

In an hour after Financial SOZO I had got an email from my prayer partners from Israel, where they told me about their desire to support me financially while I was bankrupt. That was confirmation of God's word he told me during SOZO. This is the great God of Israel! I was very calm and I felt God's protection. Later judging thoughts about my doubt bothered me for a week. But God helped me to overcome them-he gave me a word, that all debt accusations were destroyed on the cross of Jesus (Colossians 2:14). — (Isarael)

My problem is gone!

I came to SOZO having a problem. I felt like people always rob things that belong to me. It could be seen in all aspects of my life and of myself, too. In the SOZO session God showed me a situation from my childhood: my father did not love me and he felt no concern for me. I could pay off my electricity bill and it is a miracle. Glory to the Lord! I believe the Lord has just started to bless me. Thanks to the Father! — (Isarael)

New Depth and Height

Right after Financial SOZO session, when I went to work, a woman who borrowed money from me and she did not give them back, took out her wallet and said, "But I have to give back your money. Have I paid you back?" I said, "No, you haven't." The woman gave me my money back. Right before that we had solved the problem of false belief that anyone can take away my things and use them. After the service God started to reveal himself to me in a new way. God revealed to me his power and glory in leading a cell group and new depth and heights in him. — (Isarael)

I'm not afraid of money anymore!

I was afraid to get down to new big things. After Financial SOZO session God told me, "I helped you to learn to drive a car and took away the fear. Then, why do you think, I won't help you with new big things and that I won't deliver you from fear?!". I got confidence, that the Lord prepared bigger blessings and I was able to do every desire of my heart. I understood the greatness and infinity of God. God the Father started to surprise me by his gifts and it exceeded my expectations! God helped me to tackle issues with big amounts of money. Now I am not afraid of big amounts of money. — (Isarael)