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Redding, CA, USA

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Stephen K. De Silva is the founder and creator of Financial Sozo®, and offers one-on-one meetings for all of his ministry avenues in-person or on-line through Zoom. Consulting, coaching, or training – he's the master and you are welcome to go directly to Stephen. His heart is to see Father God restored in your finances.

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Stephen does a lot more ...

  • Founder of DeSilva Ministries*
  • International author and speaker
  • Author of multiple online courses
  • Church leader and pastoral team consulting
  • Business leader coaching and mentoring
  • Purpose Train coaching for individuals and couples
  • Purpose Train coaching for organizations
  • Prosperous Soul® and Prosperous Home© teaching and training

*Financial Sozo®, Purpose Train©, Prosperous Soul®, Prosperous Home©, Prosperous Enterprise©, and Prosperous Church© products and services.

Stephen K. De Silva

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I am the founder of The Financial Sozo® Network

Certified Financial Sozo® facilitators must be part of the Financial Sozo® Network for ongoing accountability, mentoring, and skill development. I have developed many tools and resources for my team. The network ensures they are getting the help and attention they need to be successful facilitators.

If I am not a good fit for you, we have facilitators around the world who can meet with you in person or over a video call.

I also lead the Financial Sozo® Core Team and develop the training for Certified Members. My team can be recognized by their badges and being on this website.

Certified Financial Sozo Member Financial Sozo Core Team

A Life-Changing Experience!

My session with Stephen was very pleasant - calm and powerful. He led me to new ideas that completely rocked my world! Steven is gentle and soft-spoken. He has a very strong connection to our Heavenly Father and I have been extremely blessed by his spiritual gifts. — KS (Canada)