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Alberta, Canada

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Chris & Kathy are Financial Sozo® Core Team Members and the Satellite Leaders for Financial Sozo® in Canada.

Their company, Steffan Consulting Inc, uses Financial Sozo® sessions as part of a powerful, customized multi-session journey to financial wholeness. A variety of tools including Purpose Train Mentoring and Financial Coaching are experienced as individuals, couples, congregations, and small businesses move through the 4 Keys for Mastering Money. This method of bringing people freedom in their finances is a holistic approach and calls out the gold in everyone they serve.

Christ-Centered Community Wellness programs available through their ministry division, Biblical Finance, use these same tools and customized programs to equip Jesus-Following, Bible-Loving, Spirit-Filled churches to facilitate spiritual wholeness in their people that results in faithful stewardship, inner healing, a culture of generosity, and action for God's Kingdom.

Chris & Kathy have been teaching personal finances since 2014 and run private coaching and community wellness programs that align with Prosperous Soul concepts.

Chris is a Mechanical Engineer. Kathy is a coach and design consultant. They have ended their time of home-schooling their 3 children and are now entering the stage of being parents of young adults. They love learning, camping, hiking, and exploring the country on their motorcycle together.

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